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Mashable Names Top Social Media Networks

Social Media Networks are without a doubt the most popular way to keep up with friends and family that aren’t an arm’s reach away. There are many new Social Networks gaining steam and Mashable has the “Hot” List.

Mashable introduces users to innovative social media platforms. The top social media network list may turn social media its heels, and our Naples Marketing firm is excited about these new networking opportunities.

Top Social Media Sites to Use

  1. Path
  2. Highlight
  3. Sonar
  4. Banjo
  5. Glancee
  6. LocalMind

  7. Path an Online Journal
    An online journal where users may post photos, travel updates, the music you’re listening to and more, Path is a top social media site newcomer. It is mobile and a simplified way of connecting.

    Path can be used to keep in touch with family and friends and connects your social sites to share Path updates on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and share simultaneously. It can be downloaded for both Android and iphone. Path is a free social media application.

    Your “Path” is a fabulous top social media application, because not only can post comments, but you can check into businesses, post photos and show who is with you and tell everyone when you go to sleep! Friends have more incite into your life than they do on Facebook.

    Highlight for iphone
    top social media applications, marketing firm in naples, website designFor the iphone, Highlight is a growing top social media app with the most buzz at the 2012 SXSW. A psychedelic logo annoys, but it is a top social media application for iphone users. Not available on Google Play for Android.

    A location-based service, Highlight alerts you when another user is nearby. The app continuously runs GPS in the background all day to make sure you’re constantly connected.

    Sonar Hunts New Connections Nearby
    Similar to Highlight, Sonar connects you with people in the nearby vicinity, but it is appears to be more social media rich with faster connections to Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter.

    Sonar surveys users’ Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts and determines the most appropriate connections. This top social media application suggests it’s for activities like networking and online dating. Very unique way of meeting new people you may know online.

    Play a Banjo!
    Location-based social media tools are at the top of our Southwest Florida marketing firm’s list. Banjo is a free mobile app for iphone and Android.

    Unlike other check-in social media tools, Banjo not only alerts you when your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Instagram connections are nearby, but also tells you about hot activities in the area.

    Glancee Connects You With Unknowns
    Glancee’s radar tool allows users to meet new friends nearby and show the location of existing friends. You can also keep notes in the app’s diary about chance encounters and events. While like Highlight and Sonar, it is more rich with tracking encounters and is available on Android and iphone.

    LocalMind Delivers Interaction for Local Destinations
    website design, naples marketing firm, top social media, localmind application Localmind is what mobile users use for spontaneous, social interaction.

    Want a tip from anyone about where you’re headed? You’ll get it with Localmind.

    The service gathers information from users nearby about events, restaurant specials and attractions happening now and generates location-specific information by analyzing Foursquare and Facebook checkins.

    LocalMind is probably really robust in larger cities, but it could take a while for smaller towns. In a New York City or Miami LocalMind would deliver a lot of information, but in Naples, Florida we found very little.

    Users earn karma points to help others for giving location advice like Foursquare making it competitive to use.

    Top Social Media Life Changers

    As location-based social media sites, continue to climb in popularity, it is imperative to choose applications that work for YOUR lifestyle.

    None of us can keep up with 25 accounts…unless you own a business with staffers to help. We recommend finding a few you like and staying with the top social media standards: Facebook (also offers check on cell phone apps), Yelp, Foursquare and GoWalla.

    Our top social media choices from Mashable’s list
    First choice is Path and the second choice is LocalMind. Start connecting organically and using the top social media applications to make keeping up easier.

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  • Msmith9176

    So many media sights it’s hard to  keep up.  Thanks for your informative article to help us catch up with all the latest and how to use them.

  • Gsmith9136

    good article. Looks like it will be hard to keep up with the new sites. It is helpful to have someone point out the best new ones that are of value in our marketing strategies. Keep us advised as to the best ones to get involved in..Right now I am in FB and twitter.

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