To Tweet or Not To Tweet

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Why would you want to read about people you most likely don’t even know on Twitter?

That’s the question – will it work for you or your business?

Unlike Facebook, follows can be generic not following a pattern like Facebook using alumni from academic institutions. So is it really useful for business?

For affiliate link users, Twitter is the perfect resource. Affiliate links, for those who are unfamiliar with them, are links that pay you when you post them and visitors click through to the links. Often they sell general products, marketing and software.

The Pros and Cons of Twitter – Decide for Yourself

  1. Larger audience focused on services and products
  2. Affiliate links may make you additional money
  3. Tweeps or followers more likely to share your information than Facebook users


  1. The life of a tweet is about 15 minutes
  2. New Twitter API formats have made it trickier to grow followers in bulk
  3. Most followers are strangers or remote acquaintance
  4. Linked In Poll

    Out of 60 respondents, 83% responded they spend more time for business on Linked In than they do Twitter. In another poll, 40% of users say they only use Twitter to promote their blog not gain business.

    Results pulled on Feb. 13, 2011.

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    Are the Pros Enough on Twitter
    DREAMFly Marketing is certainly not suggesting Twitter is useless, but what we are pointing out is you need to think long and hard about all the effort you are spending on social media.

    Have you matched your strategy to the social media sites you are using?

    Twitter, twitter benefits

    Twitter is great to use if you want to drive traffic to your blog, increase comments or drive people to your Facebook,
    but the key to driving traffic is to use the old trick of
    sell without selling.

    Your Tweeps (or followers) will share your message with their own followers if they like your message, whereas fewer connections re-promote posts of friends on Facebook.

    A great benefit to Twitter is that often people receive the information on cell phone feeds, whereas most people check Facebook during the afternoon and evening hours during the week.

    A Twitter Tool You Need
    HootSuite -
    Schedule Tweets in advance and reduce the time you spend communicating without compromising your message. HootSuite is the most reliable scheduling source.

    Tip – tweets must be unique and cannot be exactly the same. Twitter prevents this to avoid spam.

    Twitter is a business key to connecting across the globe. But your marketing plan and business strategy have to be able to support using Twitter. What do you mean?

    If you are selling marketing services like us at DREAMFly Marketing, connecting with strangers is a great idea. On the other hand, selling care for seniors or specialized services that are focused on local markets only may not be the best usage for Twitter. Instead, use Tweets to drive website and blog traffic.

    Match your Twitter usage for what works with a “global” or “national” audience.

    How you use Twitter is ultimately up to you, but make sure your efforts are worth your time.

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