3 Tips for Reviving Passion for Work

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3 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Work
Lose the Attitude

Uninspired and feeling like you need a pick me up? Three ways to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and lose the need to feel sorry for yourself at work.

If you find yourself with the same attitude that makes you want to slap others, it’s time for a change. Focusing on performing at your top level for work or perhaps balancing the budget of your business, can send a lot of us into a blues waltz with our own desire to succeed.

Three Ways to Feel Great About Yourself and Your Work

  1. Identify What’s Causing Your Dislike at Work
  2. List Three Things You Love About Work
  3. Complete Two Projects Your Attitude Has Delayed

      “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”
      - Ambrose Bierce


      1. Identify What’s Causing Your Dislike at Work
      Someone complain against you? Customers tough to deal with and no thanks from the boss? Owners – spending your days worried about the bottom line and unable to find joy again?

      work attitudes, lose the tude, passion for work

      Bad days lead to worry, angst and unease Bad days create lasting impressions. A bad day only goes away if you kill it.

      Lose your tude: 1) recite “I will have a good day and a good attitude” in the mirror and by 2) stopping your complaining and embracing change at work.

      2. List Three Things You Love About Work – Can You Do It?
      It’s easier to complain than be positive. It’s easier to blame others than take responsibility. Take charge.

      Focusing on the positives prevents bad attitude canker from killing your excitement at work. Personal example: A few weeks into overhauling branding for a company I worked for, one employee was pushing back on the new rules. For weeks, the relationship was strained and cancerous. My supervisor said, “Figure out how to get staff to follow the policy.” So, I created an empowering atmosphere for marketing decisions with a committee and solved the issue.

      3. Complete Two Projects You’ve Been Putting Off
      This is the easiest task for most of you, especially men. Don’t lie – we’ve all put projects off.

      Contributing to projects successfully creates enthusiasm and renews dedication to work. It also allows supervisors and/or coworkers to take notice of your renewed vigor and energy creating continued passion.

      “The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”
      - Oscar Wilde


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